Dejero Live+ GoBox Transmitter

After many successful remote broadcasting events using Dejero Newsbook, we purchased the GoBox and found it to be far more rugged and reliable, particularly in crowded breaking news events. Capable of streaming live video at up to 10 Megabits per second, in up to 1080i50/60 HD, the Dejero GoBox is a great bit of kit to have.

Dejero blends multiple internet connections to let you broadcast live from virtually anywhere worldwide, utilising cellular networks, ethernet, wi-fi and portable satellite connections if you have them. In ideal conditions, the unit can achieve an ultra-low latency transmission of under one second from “glass-to-glass”. (Dejeros’ term, meaning from the glass of the transmitting lens to the output of the receiver)

It is also capable of recording up to 40 hours of HD video to forward to your Dejero server when network conditions are more ideal.

It has both HDMI and SDI inputs, as well as an XLR IFB output, which provides clear communications back to your talent if you're connecting to your own Dejero receiver. If you require IFB gear for this, we can provide everything you would need.

If you don’t have your own Dejero server, that’s fine. We have access to a worldwide network via our Dejero receiver based in Los Angeles, which can feed your pictures via this unit, to any broadcaster in the world via “The Switch”, a network of fibre, microwave and satellite uplink/downlink stations covering the globe. Please contact us if this is something you would require.

It comes with a shoulder strap attached, so it can be carried by a member of your team as you're broadcasting. The GoBox itself is contained within a custom made Pelican case, allowing the device itself to be shielded from the elements, though it is NOT waterproof, just to be clear. It also features two V-Lock battery plates, allowing it to be powered from standard camera batteries, but more importantly, this lets you "hot-swap" batteries as they drain, whilst keeping the unit running.

This device comes with six SIM cards to increase redundancy in testing network conditions. We have used these SIMs throughout the UK and into Europe without any problems, but please do let us know your ideal usage before you book, as we may run into network limits without prior warning of extended usage. Of course, if you have your own SIM cards already, you may use these inside the unit. Contact us to install them prior to your rental.

You can also connect your own wifi hotspot, or ethernet to the GoBox if you have your own network connections you'd like to use to send your pictures. (Wifi or Ethernet connections requiring a login will require the assistance of Dejero Support to connect, a free service via the phone numbers on the device)

The device can be remotely controlled via Dejeros' cloud-based control system, allowing us, or Dejeros' 24/7 international support team to assist if you have any problems.

We charge a flat fee per day for the rental of the device, as well as a mobile data usage fee charged by the Gigabyte. One Gb would roughly be used sometime between ten to fifteen minutes of HD+ video transmitted. (Ethernet or Wifi services used would not count towards this)

This package includes:

  • Dejero GoBox Transmitter
  • 19v Power Supply
  • SDI or HDMI leads, depending on your choice of camera
  • V-Lock batteries & charger (Optional)
  • IFB in-ear monitoring kit, with amplifiers and earpieces (Optional)
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Cost: £200/day + VAT
Mobile data: £6/Gb + VAT

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Live in London, United Kingdom, transmitting to Sydney, Australia via the Dejero GoBox
Live in London, United Kingdom, transmitting to Sydney, Australia via the Dejero GoBox
Dejero Live+ GoBox Transmitter, Power Supply, IFB Amplifier & Earpiece Kit
Dejero Live+ GoBox Transmitter, Power Supply, IFB Amplifier & Earpiece Kit
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