The Sony PMW-F5 Kit with Canon HJ11 B4 lens attached

Canon HJ11ex4.7B IRSE Lens hire

The go-to High Definition lens for run and gun news and documentary making

The wide angle Canon HJ11 lens has been mounted on the front of any camera we’ve owned in the past nine years, due to its versatility and usefulness. From the EX3 through to our 35mm sensor F5, it has been by far the most useful bit of kit we’ve owned.

If a camera is only as good as the glass it’s looking through, this lens will more than meet your needs. The HJ11 is super wide, allowing you to be centimetres from your subject, and yet still capture a very wide range without too much distortion.

Regularly serviced by Optical Support in London, this lens is unlikely to find itself shelved any time soon. The lens has a macro feature, allowing it to shoot ultra-close shots of subjects from millimetres away, and it also has a doubler for capturing things far away.

This Canon HJ11 lens kit includes the following:

  • Canon HJ11ex4.7B IRSE lens
  • Zoom & focus servo motor attached, which can be removed for external focus control
  • 127mm UV filter for protection
  • Canon genuine lens hood
  • Canon zoom demand controller
Cost Per Day:
£100 + VAT