Fomex FL-600 LED Mat Lighting Kit Hire

Fomex FL-600 LED Mat light kit

After using the Fomex FL-600 LED Mat lighting kits extensively at Sky News in London, we’d learnt just how powerful and useful these lightweight mats are.

As a result, we had to get two kits for ourselves, for those situations where our older Litepanel 1x1s’ couldn’t provide enough kick.

So, we now have two Fomex LED mat kits fully decked out and ready for use.

These mats are incredibly flexible, allowing you to stash the panel into the most confined of spaces, and have complete control over the intensity and colour temperature via the control unit. On top of that, you can run one of these mats off of a standard v-lock camera battery for hours, by using the inbuilt adapter on the control unit.

Using the controller, you can adjust the dimmable LEDs from 0% right through 100%, where it is rated 1600 LUX at one metre away. The light is also colour-dimmable, allowing you to change the colour temperature from 3200K to 5600K.

On top of all of this, the flexible led mat is rated at IP64, meaning it can offer you dustproof and waterproof lighting working in the most unpleasant of locations.

When you don’t need to stash the mat anywhere strange, you can use the X mount provided to make the mat rigid, acting like a traditional LED lamp. When used this way as a light source, you can use the included diffusing sheet secured to the FL-600 mat by magnets in the corner, or or the softbox lighting kit which is stuck on with hook and loop velcro strips.

We’ve also included in this kit a standard eggcrate style focusing attachment that can stick onto the front of the softbox, to contain the light further onto your subject.

On a technical level, these lights are incredibly well made, the high CRI LEDs’ getting a value of 96 CRI (Colour rendering index) and a TLCI rating of 98. (Television lighting consistency index)

The mat itself is incredibly lightweight, coming in at only 415g. Light enough that an operator could feasibly mount one on the end of a boom pole and illuminate a scene with little effort. This LED lighting kit can is a literal problem solver, and we’re sure you’ll find many great ways to use it.

Our Fomex FL-600 LED Mat rental kits come with the following:

  • The FL-600 Flexible LED mat
  • Control unit with dimmable colour and intensity controls, and v-lock battery adaptor
  • Dedolight lighting stand
  • Softbox with a diffuser
  • ‘Eggcrate’ with an extra diffuser
  • 5m extension cable to run from the mat to the controller
  • IEC lead for AC power
  • Manfrotto clamp with an attachment for securing the controller to stand
  • Lastly, a nice carrying bag to keep it all together
Cost Per Day:
£70 + VAT
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Technical information

All of the geeky facts and figures
Model: FL600
Light Output: 1900Iux @1m; 3200K – 2000Iux @1m; 5600K
Power Consumption: 60W
CRI/TLCI: CRI 96-98 / TLCI 98
Colour Temperature: 3200K~5600K
Dimmer: 0-100% DIM / Manual
Colour Temp. Control: 50K Steps
Light Output Connector: 6 Pin Waterproof
IP Rating: IP64 except FLCR-Controller DC 13.8~24V(6Pin)
Beam Angle: 120°
LEDs: 576
Battery Mount: V-Mount
Mat Dimensions: 300 X 300 (mm)
Mat Weight: 415g
Source: Fomex Flexible LED FL600 – © Fomex
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