The Nila Boxer 200W HMI, showing the Nila Net connectors, built in dimming control and AC/24V DC inputs.

Nila Boxer 200W LED HMI kit hire

Powerful, large and ready to light up just about anything

Nila Boxer 200W LED HMI Kit

Building on the strength of its little sibling, the Nila Varsa, the Nila Boxer LED HMI takes everything that was great about the Varsa and just makes it bigger. More LEDs, more power and naturally, more weight.

This is the light you want when you just want to flood a whole area with as much light as possible, as quickly as possible. Here’s a little bit of perspective as to just how powerful this is.

A handy explanation of lux via Green Business Light:

“A measurement of 1 lux is equal to the illumination of a one-metre square surface that is one metre away from a single candle.”

They then go on to note that typical direct sunlight begins at 32,000 lux, and ends at 100,000 lux.

This light, without any holographic lens in front of the light, at 100% power, can hit 31,215 lux at three metres distance. This light is almost comparable TO THE POWER OF THE SUN.

Naturally, like all Nila lights, you can safely use it with the holographic lenses to diffuse the immense power. With the 80 degree lens in place, it brings the power down to 860 lux at 100% intensity at three metres. Much more bearable, and according to the aforementioned website, more like a well-lit hospital or sports hall.

How can we power the Nila Boxer?

It does have one drawback, you can’t run it off of a single camera battery like the Zaila and Varsa. It requires an additional 24V battery power supply which we currently don’t have, so this device is restricted to a mains power supply for now.

Like its family members, it again is flicker-free at any frame rate used by modern cameras, allowing you to get amazingly smooth slow-motion action.

The built-in dimmer allows complete control of the brightness from zero to one-hundred per cent and maintains its accurate colour reproduction throughout. It also emits no UV or Infrared light, so prolonged use is safe for your talent.

It comes with a pack of hard holographic lenses, which can change the beam angle from 10 degrees at the most intense end, to 80 degrees at the softest end. Like the others, the Nila Boxer can also have a Chimera fitted directly to the head of the light.

It is also DMX controllable, allowing this LED light to join any prepared lighting rigs and be controlled remotely.

No word of a lie here, it is a very heavy light. We strongly recommend that two people lift this light into position whenever setting up. The kit includes:

  • Nila Boxer 200W HMI
  • Barn doors
  • Manfrotto heavy duty stand
  • IEC Power supply lead
  • Case with holographic gels and CTO filters
Cost Per Day:
£110 + VAT

Technical information

All of the geeky facts and figures
Input Voltage:90-305V AC, 20-30V DC
Input Current:1.7A at 115V AC
System Watts:200
Power Factor:>.95 @ 115V AC, >.98 @ 277V AC
Dim Range:0-100% (Onboard Dimmer)
Compatible Shutter Speeds:All (Flicker-free at any frame rate at 100% output, and up to 5000 fps when dimmed)
Light Aource:Angle-color, high-brightness LEDs
LED Rated Lifespan:20,000+ hours
Colour Temperature:5600°K (Daylight), 3200°K (With full Tungsten CTO filter)
UV output:None
Colour Spectrum:Continuous
CRI:86 (5600°K), 92 (3200°K)
TLCI:84 (5600°K), 90 (3200°K)
Beam Angle:10° to 80°
Focus Method:Holographic film lenses
Control Network:DMX512
Control Connections:RJ45 (5-pin XLR adapter optional)
Weight:11kg (24 lbs.)
Operating Temperature:-30°C to +50°C (-22°F to +122°F)
Housing Construction:Aluminium
Mounting:Yoke (w/junior pin and baby receiver)
Cooling:Passive (No fans)
Power cable:10′ IEC
Power Connector:NEMA 5-15P (AC), 3-pin XLR (DC)
Country of origin:USA
Source: Nila Boxer Specifications – © Nila