BBC Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis and John McDonald, lit by two Nila Varsas'

Nila Varsa 75W LED HMI kit hire

Powerful, dimmable, flicker free and battery operated. Everything you could want in a modern LED HMI

Nila Varsa 75W HMI Kit

The outdoor lighting tool of choice for US networks for years now, the Nila series of LED HMI lights have excelled in all conditions. The Varsa, the somewhat middle child between the Boxer and the Zaila, is nothing like a left-out sibling. Quite the contrary in fact.

Having used these extensively during my time at CNN, where these are effectively mandatory for any international deployment due to their usefulness, I’d come to appreciate just how hard it is lighting any outdoor event. These lights, however, just made everything so simple, to the point where you know as long as you had them with you, you were ready for anything.

Now, we can extend that level of confidence to you. We have two Nila Varsa hire kits ready for rental now.

How can we power the Nila Varsa?

The daylight balanced Nila Varsa HMI lamp is powered either by V-Lock battery or mains power, and draws only 75W, but outputs as much light as a 400W HMI. A rough estimate from use in the field tells me that you could run the Varsa at 100% on a 96Wh battery for roughly 45 minutes. More than enough for a major live event.

The battery fixture fits right onto the yoke of the light itself, allowing you to hang even large 150Wh batteries from the light itself while providing power.

What can our Nila Varsa rental kit do?

With high frame rate videography, this light will remain flicker-free up to five thousand frames per second. According to Nila, when it’s running at 100%, it remains flicker-free at any frame rate. Perfect for slow-motion action.

The built-in dimmer allows complete control of the brightness from zero to one-hundred per cent and maintains its accurate colour reproduction throughout. It also emits no UV or Infrared light, so prolonged use is safe for your talent.

It comes with a pack of hard diffusing holographic lenses, which can change the beam angle from 10 degrees at the most intense end, to 80 degrees at the softest end. If this soft light is still too bright for you, attach the Chimera softbox we have included and soften & spread the light even further. It looks stunning in night-time scenarios.

How well is the Nila Varsa built?

The light itself is made out of a sturdy aluminium-alloy housing and incorporates a heatsink into its design, which even after long term use, barely feels like it has been on at all — no more needing gloves to de-rig at the end of an event.

One thing to be aware of is that this Nila Varsa rental kit is the first generation version, meaning it is NOT IP65 waterproof. If you’re using it outdoors in inclement weather, we insist you protect it from the elements as much as possible. We will include some clear bags that are large enough to protect the Nila Varsa.

Lastly, the Varsa features a “Nila Net” DMX port, allowing you to add the varsa to an existing network of lights and have it be remotely controlled by a panel on your grid. Alternatively, if you have two Varsas’ lighting one subject, you can start the light in Nila Net mode, connect your two lights with a Cat5/6 network cable, and control both lights with one touchpad on the master light.

Available in a customised Peli case, our Nila Varsa hire kit has everything you could need to get through a days broadcasting. Including:

  • The Varsa 1st generation daylight LED HMI
  • Barn doors
  • Full hard gel holographic lens pack, including CTO filters for tungsten shooting
  • Chimera softbox, which attaches directly to the Varsa head
  • Battery power adaptor, allowing the use of V-Lock batteries to power the light
  • Manfrotto air cushioned light stand
  • IEC lead for AC power
  • Pelican case
Cost Per Day:
£75 + VAT

Technical information

All of the geeky facts and figures
Input Voltage:100-240V AC, 10-18V DC
Input Current:0.65A at 115V AC
System Watts:75
Power Factor:>.95@ 115VAC, >.97@240VAC
Dim Range:0-100% (Onboard dimmer)
Compatible Shutter Speeds:All (Flicker-free at any frame rate at 100% output, and up to 5000 fps when dimmed)
Light Source:Single-color, high-brightness LEDs
LED Rated Lifespan:20,000+ hours
Colour Temperature :5600°K (daylight), 3200°K (tungsten)
UV Output:None
Colour Spectrum:Continuous
CRI:86 (5600°K), 92 (3200°K)
TLCI:84 (5600°K), 90 (3200°K)
Beam Angle:10° to 80°
Focus Method:Holographic film lenses
Control Network:DMX512
Control Connections:RJ45 (5-pin XLR adapter optional)
Weight:4.5kg (10 lbs.)
Operating Temperature:-30°C to +50°C (-22°F to +122°F)
Housing Construction:Aluminium
Mounting:Yoke (w/junior pin & baby receiver)
Cooling:Passive (no fans)
Power Cable:10′ locking IEC
Power Connector:NEMA 5-15P (AC), 4-pin XLR (DC)
Country of Origin:USA
Source:Nila Varsa User Guide Specifications – © Nila