The LiveU 600 in use for Sky News in London

LiveU LU600 Hire Kit

The standard for reliable broadcasting in the UK, the LiveU 600 is available for hire in London and the UK now

LiveU LU600 HEVC Transmitter

Full disclosure, we’ve always been Dejero people. But seeing how worldwide television networks are using LiveU receivers, we’re offering a LiveU backpack mounted LU600 Hire kit in London and the UK.

After extensive usage of the LiveU 200, 300 and 600 models over the years at various broadcasters, we’ve decided to go all-in and get a hold of a LiveU backpack HEVC transmitter for all of your live broadcasting needs.

What does the LiveU 600 hire kit offer?

The LiveU 600 kit we offer for rental is the latest h265 HEVC model. It allows you to consume less bandwidth but maintain higher quality. It has eight internal SIM cards for safety, ensuring that you’re able to go live anywhere you can get a signal.

If you’re indoors, you can use the ethernet connection to keep your signal strong. With good bandwidth, it allows you to broadcast in full 1080p video up to 20Mbps.

You’re can use up to twelve connections, including:

  • Eight internal sim cards
  • Two ethernet ports
  • Wi-Fi
  • One LTE cellular modem via USB. (Not provided by us)

You can also get return video from your broadcast studio if configured at the receiver end. This allows your talent to see exactly when they’re on-air, or to reference video on-air in the field.

Cost Per Day
Unit: £495 + VAT
Mobile Data: £7/Gb + VAT
  • LiveU 600 in use for Sky News in London
  • The London LiveU LU600 Hire Kit with LU600 unit, power supply, V/Gold-mount battery plates and basic IFB kit with earpieces
  • This is the V-Lock battery plate mounted in the LiveU backpack to charge the internal battery. An included Anton Bauer Gold-Mount adapter can be fitted for that style of battery.
  • The LiveU LU600 feeding HD footage to BFMTV in Paris
  • The LiveU backpack mounted on a standard broadcast tripod
  • The LU600 transmitting to Sydney, Australia from the UK for SBS.
  • The backpack mounted LiveU 600 kit
  • The LU600 kit inside its custom Pelican case

How reliable is the LU600?

In the last five or so years we’ve been using the h264 version of the LU600, we’ve had very few problems. It is the unit that gets asked for when “reception might be an issue” at a location. The eight SIM cards generally power through any connection problems. Add ethernet, and your signal could be unbreakable.

The LiveU LU600 feeding HD footage to BFMTV in Paris

How do you pay for the data used?

We charge a flat fee per day for the LiveU backpack hire kit, and then mobile data used by the Gigabyte. Roughly, one Gigabyte would roughly be around forty-five minutes worth of 3Mbps material. An amazing rate that shows how great H.265 HEVC encoding is at conserving bandwidth.

Ethernet or Wi-Fi network usage won’t count towards chargeable data quota. So if you have your own network to use, there might be no data charge. Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections requiring a login may need the help of LiveU Support to connect.

How long can the LiveU 600 unit run for?

According to the datasheet provided by LiveU, the unit will run for four hours on an internal battery. But, as a real-life operator in the field, we would never rely on the internal battery. We’d aim to keep it at 100% at all times and run on AC power, or external batteries in case of emergency.

With that, we have great news! We’ve modified this unit to run on standard broadcast batteries. Whether that is the standard V-Lock battery type, or Gold-mount Anton Bauer type. We provide an adaptor that locks into the V-Lock plate and converts it to Gold-mount.

We found that using a 150wH battery, we could recharge the internal battery in about three hours. (If the unit is on, but idle)

So, we would estimate with access to one 150wH battery, you could broadcast for about seven hours. But, if you’re going any longer than that, then it’s time for a break.

So if you need a LiveU LU600 hire kit in London, have us setup a breaking news live shot, even transmit directly from a drone into our LiveU 600, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

This kit includes:

  • LiveU backpack mounted LU600 kit
  • SDI & HDMI leads
  • Dual IFB in-ear monitoring kits, one with amplifier and earpiece for talent, and one earpiece for the operator (Optional)
  • V-Lock battery adaptor, with Anton Bauer gold mount converter (If required)
  • Delivery to any UK location (Cost based on location)