Nila Zaila LED HMI kit rental

A quick story to set up this product. It was 10 pm on a Saturday here in London, and I had just returned to CNN's headquarters to return their kit after returning from Paris. I'd been working since six am that day, and was keen to get out of the office as quickly as possible.

As I was leaving, a breaking news alert on my phone let me know that a vehicle had crashed into pedestrians on London Bridge, with many casualties. Immediately, I grabbed the basic of basic kit to take in a taxi there as quickly as possible. This included the Sony PMW-500 camera, a LiveU transmitter, tripod and run bag, and this light, the Nila Zaila LED HMI.

It was lightweight enough to grab in a hurry, and get set up when I arrived in Southwark, and then be easily moved around as the police cordon changed. It kept working for us all night until I was relieved at 8 am Sunday.

The Nila Zaila is a smaller, lightweight and compact sibling to the Boxer and Varsa. Only measuring close to thirteen centimetres squared in size, this tiny trooper packs a punch.

Featuring six LED lamps within the head, as opposed to the Varsas' twelve, it's naturally not as strong as its family members. While it may not be able to deal with the middle of the day sunlight, it's a helpful key light in interview situations. Or, it's light enough it could be mounted on the end of an over-arm and used as a backlight for live shots.

It comes with all the same holographic lenses as the others and can be powered by camera batteries via a V-Lock battery adaptor. It's lightweight enough that it can be mounted on standard Dedolight style lighting stands, or potentially even put on the end of a boom pole and used as an overhead softbox.

Like its family members, it is flicker-free at any frame rate used by modern cameras, allowing you to get great slow-motion action.

The built-in dimmer allows complete control of the brightness from zero to one-hundred per cent and maintains its accurate colour reproduction throughout. It also emits no UV or Infrared light, so prolonged use is safe for your talent.

It comes with a pack of hard holographic lenses, which can change the beam angle from 10 degrees at the most extreme, to 80 degrees at the softest end. Like the others, the Nila Zaila can also have a Chimera fitted directly to the head of the light.

It is also DMX controllable, allowing this LED light to join any prepared lighting rigs and be controlled remotely. This kit includes:

  • Nila Zaila LED HMI
  • Barn doors
  • Case with holographic lenses and CTO filters
  • IEC Power supply with 4-pin converter
  • Battery power adaptor, allowing the use of V-Lock batteries to power the light
  • Dedolight lightweight stand
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Cost: £55/day + VAT (Each)

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The Nila Zaila operating with the 80 degree lens at 12%, being powered by one 96Wh battery
The Nila Zaila operating with the 80 degree lens at 12%, being powered by one 96Wh battery.
The Nila Zaila showing the DC 4-pin input, Nila Net input and built in dimmer control
The Nila Zaila showing the DC 4-pin input, Nila Net input and built in dimmer control.
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