Sony PMW-EX3 Camera Kit

The Sony EX3 camera followed on from the hugely successful EX1 camera and built upon its success. Adding a removable lens, as well as a top-notch viewfinder, this camera has worked very well from warzones to boardrooms.

With the Fujinon EX3 servo lens as standard, but also featuring an interchangeable lens system, allowing the ability to use modern HD ⅔” lenses, this compact breaking news camera is ideal for any situation.

We have combined the unit with a Protech St-7 shoulder mount, allowing the use of V-Lock batteries for power, increasing the amount of time you can keep shooting substantially.

Also included, is a powered EX3 to B4 lens mount, allowing the use of HD ENG lenses without having to run extra hirose power leads.

The unit also features a 3G HD-SDI BNC output, allowing you to either record to an external device in full uncompressed HD, or output to an external transmission device for live-broadcasting.

We’ve also installed a set of BBC standard picture profiles, allowing you to shoot at levels approved by the network for news-gathering or production according to their specifications.

The EX3 can shoot at a maximum of 1920x1080 interlaced, or 720 in progressive, up to 35Mb/s, which is still more than acceptable in modern high definition newsgathering standards.

This kit includes the following:

  • Sony PMW-EX3 Camera
  • Protech ST-7 Shoulder mount & V-lock power supply
  • Canon B4 to EX3 powered lens adaptor
  • Lens choice of Fujinon EX3 standard lens, or Canon B4 HJ11 4.7B
  • Two SWIT EX3 batteries, and one Sony battery (V-Locks can be provided if requested with ST-7)
  • Sennheiser EW100 ENG G3 wireless kit
  • Vinten Fibretech Vision 100 Tripod
  • 9x various size solid state SxS cards
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Sony PMW-EX3 Camera with HJ11 ENG Lens fitted
Sony PMW-EX3 Camera with standard Fujinon lens fitted
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