Sony PMW-F5 Camera Kit

Acquired in 2016, this Sony F5 camera kit has been assembled to allow for "run and gun" news and current affairs work, as well as high-end cinematography. Coming with the CBK-55BK shoulder mount as standard, we now have native digital wireless audio inputs, as well as the controls and inputs you'd expect on your standard ENG or EFP cameras.

Combine that flexibility with the ability to shoot in Sony LOG formats with 14 stops of exposure latitude, and you've got a great run and gun documentary camera.

For lenses, we can currently attach any PL, EF, FZ and even B4 lenses with the use of adaptors included in this kit. Built-in recording modes span all the way from 720p 50fps at 50Mbps 4:2:2, to 16-bit raw 2k/4k in full CineEI mode. (With external recorder, the AXS-R7, not included here)

As standard, high-speed shooting is possible up to 180fps in NTSC, and 150fps in PAL. (Higher rates are possible with the AXS-R7 attachment)

Included also are two Sony 128Gb E class SxS Pro Memory Cards, engineered to utilise the fast transfer speeds necessary to shoot in high-speed modes, and internal 4K recording.

Included in the kit are the following:

  • Sony PMW-F5 Camera
  • Sony CBK-55BK Shoulder mount kit with 15mm rails
  • Sony DVF-L350 Colour Viewfinder
  • Chrosziel Matte box with drop in filters
  • Chrosziel leather handles, ideal rig handling when using lenses without servo grips
  • MTF B4->Super 16 lens adaptor
  • Optitek Mark II Canon EF to FZ adaptor
  • Sony DWT dual channel Wireless Receiver, two bodypack transmitters with mics & one handheld transmitter
  • Two Sony ECM-88 lavalier cabled microphones
  • Sennheiser handheld ME66 mic with wind protection, pistol grip and boom pole
  • Four PAG Pl96e Batteries & Charger
  • Vinten Vision 100 Tripod
  • Two 128Gb SxS+ Pro Memory cards (More cards, of a lesser class can be included if required)

Cost: £350/day + VAT

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Sony PMW-F5 Kit
Sony PMW-F5 with Matte box, French flag, Canon HJ11 lens with MTF adaptor, rods and CBK shoulder mount kit
Sony PMW-F5 with EF Lens
Sony PMW-F5 with Canon 24-70 2.8L Lens with Optitek EF adaptor, rods and shoulder mount kit
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