Drone operations authorised

Some great news that came through this week. The UK Civil Aviation Authority have granted us an Operational Authorisation to use drones in our commercial photography and videography work.

It’s exciting to be able to literally see things from a new angle soon.

Allegedly, one of my earliest desired professions at a young age was to be a helicopter pilot. Being realistic, this never came about but it came close when I was working for Channel Nine in Australia, and I was an authorised aircrew member in their Eurocopter fleet. Literally opening the door mid-flight and leaning out with a secured camera on your shoulder was pretty exhilarating. Even when they switched to their FLIR camera system (Which meant staying indoors during flight) it was still an amazing job to do. Aerial filming was, and still is, probably the most fun aspect of my career.

Now, I’m a step closer, and legally I’m a remote pilot now. Thanks to Global Drone Training, I’ve been granted authorisation to fly drones in the open A1 and A3 categories, as well as the more restrictive A2 and specific categories. Also, the CAA have officially granted Newsworthy Vision authorisation to fly unmanned aircraft systems outdoors, within UK airspace on a commercial basis.

So, we can add aerial photography, aerial videography and even aerial surveying to our services now. We hope we can start drone aircraft operations for you soon, flying safely and legally anywhere in the UK.


  • Nick Smith

    Nick is a camera operator and editor with over 20 years of experience in the media industry. He started my career in 1999 at the age of 17 in Australia, and has been based in London since 2010. He owns and operates Newsworthy Vision Ltd., which provides camera operation and editing services to multiple television networks around the world.

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