Basic Sports Scoreboard Graphics (vMix)

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This package contains two basic sports scoreboard graphics packages that we made for an Ice Hockey broadcast, but any sport could use it. Designed in vMix using GT Title designer, it works with the software to create a basic vMix scoreboard for your broadcast.

Based on graphics from a game in the US, it’s has a flat colour scheme. It has nothing shiny or fancy, though features synchronized animations with full alpha channels for running over live video.

It has two choices of “Score Bug” to use. Either a top left, square score bug with short team names, or a bottom of the screen wider score bug, which can handle longer team names. As a bonus, we’ve included a “go-to commercial” style lower third scoreboard, which is when throwing to a break or coming back from one.

It has sections that update from any scoreboard data source and includes clocks for the game, power plays & the current period. It can also track other stats you may have access to. The team names should be three capital letters, and the title for the stats box should be up to five characters. (Example would be “Shots”, “Hits”, “Saves” etc.)

Power plays show not only the clock but also the team that it is affecting with a small highlight on the left side of the team name. The end-user can change this to instead show timeouts or other timed game operations.

We have also included a very simple instant replay bug in the top right corner.

The team colours are adjustable from with vMix through the title editor tool. They should be set so that the right colour (Under the score) should be two Hex codes lower than the main colour. (Example, if the main team colour is white, #FFFFFF, then set the other colour to be #FFFFDD) Adjust the team name colour to suit when the team colour is dark/light.

We hope you enjoy using this basic sports scoreboard graphics package and hope it brings your games to life. Using this graphics system, we think your vMix sports graphics will take your production up to the level of professional broadcasts. Whilst Ice Hockey was its original purpose, with adjustments it could work for other sports.

Current version: 1.3


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