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Freelance Videography Services in London and Beyond

Freelance Cameraman and Editor

London, Europe and around the world

Nick has been working as a Freelance Videographer for the last ten years in London, and as a TV news camera operator in Australia before that. He’s up to twenty-one years of experience and still loves breaking news to this day.

He has provided newsgathering bureau cover in Cairo, Moscow, Brussels, Rome, Kyiv and Baghdad over the last ten years. In that time, he has covered events like elections, capitulations, terrorism and state visits.

He got nominated for an Emmy award in 2016 for his contribution to CNN’s coverage of the Manchester arena bombing.

Camera Operator Hire with Equipment

Includes camera operator with basic HD camera, basic lighting and audio

Starting from £650

Covers a 10 hour day, excludes VAT, data, travel and some equipment extras

  • Travel charged at £0.45/mile from our base in London.
    Parking & emission zone costs not included
  • Higher tier cameras & lighting and editing services are available on request, extra cost involved

London Freelance Camera Operator

Our core business since 2010 is providing freelance camera operator services in London. Many of the worlds largest television networks call us looking for freelance coverage in not only London but worldwide.

Being based in London, Nick is available at short notice as a freelance camera operator, with equipment to shoot, edit and send to anywhere. He can broadcast live from any location into your shows using our Dejero transmitter.

You can have a live shot almost anywhere in London at any time. For more detail, please take a look at our live shot services.

If you need a freelance camera operator in London at short notice, get in touch today.

Live at London Bridge for an attempted Terrorism event for ABC News US, 2019.
Live at London Bridge for an attempted Terrorism incident for ABC News US, 2019.

Worldwide videography services

There is nothing quite like heading into a country at short notice and working with a team to begin telling the stories you’ve found there.

If that’s something you enjoy as well, we should work together.

We have experience using the IATA Carnet system for transporting equipment around the world. We’re also great at solving logistical problems on the ground that can bring productions to a halt.

If you need other operators like fixers, translators, sound crew or engineers, we can help. We have an ever-growing worldwide list of vetted and qualified operators whom we can call on to provide their services to you.

Working for CNN International, Filming outside of Red Square in Moscow, Russia
Working for CNN International, Filming outside of Red Square in Moscow, Russia

What do we provide?

We provide all the equipment to get your production recorded, edited and transmitted. Cameras, sound equipment, lighting and editing gear as well.

We can send it anywhere in the world whether via IP or in full HD across fibre networks worldwide. We can even do it live if you want to.

If you have equipment that your network owns, and want to use that, that’s fine too. We can adapt to any camera system with enough time to familiarise ourselves.

In London, we can provide basic transport as well for getting from location to location.

Not just news though, right?

Absolutely not. He’s also available as a freelance videographer in London.

We can shoot any project you can think of. Some of these might include:

  • Commercial projects
  • Advertorial
  • Corporate videos
  • Music videos
  • Event videos
  • Social Media
  • Video editing
  • Promotional videos

As mentioned, after twenty years of filming, there isn’t much he hasn’t done before. From smaller DSLR camera projects, helicopter-mounted aerial shoots to full 35mm productions. Any video content you can think of, chances are Nick has produced it before.

Filming with "The Stig" at the Top gear track in South West England
Filming with “The Stig” at the Top gear track in South West England

If you have a project idea, get in touch today

If you’re looking for an Emmy nominated, experienced freelance cameraman editor in London for hire, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We’re up for anything.