Sky News correspondent Inzamam Rashid, presenting live outside of St. Thomas' Hospital on the night the Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to ICU with COVID-19

Breaking News Live Shot Production

Getting your breaking news live shots to the world has never been easier

Live shot production in London

Breaking News live shot production has been in our DNA since we started back in 2010. Whether it was working in remote locations around the world feeding back video via BGAN satellite equipment. Or alternatively, plugging into state-of-the-art OB trucks in cities across the globe. We’ve gone live for thousands of hours.

Above all, we still love live broadcasting. As a result, we’ve become very good at it.

Firstly, with our Dejero GoBox (now EnGo), and secondly our LiveU 600, they have been busy with breaking news live shot production in London for broadcasters around the world. Breaking news, live interviews, show presentations or sending footage across the world. We’ve done it all in full broadcast quality.

As a result, we’re able to be anywhere in London within a few hours, with everything we need to get broadcasting. Then, your live news presentation is ready to get sent anywhere in the world. After that, all we need is for you to route your IFB (return audio) to a phone line and dial the number we provide.

Lastly, you don’t even need your own dedicated Dejero or LiveU server to take advantage of this service. Because of our access to a global fibre network through “The Switch”, we can get your live shot around the world with minimal latency. (Extra costs will apply)

Live Shot Production Costs

Includes camera operator with 1080i50 camera, Dejero transmitter, lighting, audio and communications


Covers a 10 hour day, excludes VAT, data, travel and other international routing costs

  • Travel charged at £0.45/mile from our base in London.
    Parking & emission zone costs not included
  • Data charged at £6/Gigabyte over cellular
  • International routing costs start at £10/minute

Two methods of breaking news live shot production:

Dejero EnGo Transmitter

Network Ten Australia show “The Project” use our ability to uplink via Dejero to get High Definition live shots from London and around Europe.

By using their Dejero receiver, they can use ultra-low latency, down to under a second in ideal conditions. They send their studio IFB into their receiver, where it arrives in a clear digital signal to the crew and talent on the ground.

Thanks to Dejero, we’ve filmed live broadcast interviews with Ringo Starr, Claire Foy, Kylie Minogue and Jamie Oliver, for instance.

LiveU 600 Transmitter

However, multiple networks here in the UK, including BBC News and Sky News International, have invested heavily in LiveU receivers and transmitters for their twenty-four-hour news.

Now, with our LiveU LU600 unit, we can supply these networks and many others with live shots in London within hours of being commissioned.

With IFB and return video sent directly from the unit, your remote talent will be in constant communication with your studio teams. Because of this, they are able to talk over pictures remotely, adding an extra layer to your output.

We’re thrilled to be able to offer LiveU live shot capabilities to you and your networks.

Broadcast your live events to any network around the world

Broadcasting high-quality live video anywhere in the world is easier than ever before. Similarly, we’ve been transmitting live pictures for twenty years, and we’ve kept up with the massive changes.

If you need a news conference sent live to your broadcast hub, or a reporter live breaking the latest news, we can do it. In addition, if you need live TV interviews or a multi-camera live TV video production sent directly to your studio, that’s not a problem.

We can get your footage anywhere around the world, from anywhere in London or the United Kingdom.

Sky News correspondent Inzamam Rashid, presenting live outside of St. Thomas' Hospital on the night Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to ICU with COVID-19
Sky News correspondent Inzamam Rashid, presenting live via LiveU outside of St. Thomas’ Hospital on the night Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to ICU with COVID-19.

Small footprint, big reach

In conclusion, if you need a video broadcast from in or around London, you don’t have to worry about booking satellite space or finding parking for a satellite truck. Call us, and we’ll do our best to have you on-air fast.

Get in touch today if you have a live interview for a news channel, a live cross for your production, need a London live camera output, or need to feed footage from your live events.

Live from Buckingham Palace, London, to the Seven Network based in Sydney, Australia via Dejero
Seven News Europe bureau chief Hugh Whitfeld broadcasting live from Buckingham Palace to Sydney, Australia, through our Dejero hardware