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Live Streaming Events & Outside Broadcasting Services

Take your event online to the world in broadcast quality high definition

Live stream your events online to a worldwide audience

We believe in making high-end broadcast quality productions available to anyone, no matter what size your event is. Firstly, we bring together some of the best live event streaming & outside broadcasting crew to produce memorable events.

Together, we know what makes a high-end production stand out from the average and the boring. If you have something that you’re looking to show the world, we can help with our live event broadcasting services. With our expert crew, we will get it sent around the globe live. This can be to any live streaming platform in full quality high-definition video.

The restrictions of COVID-19 have changed how events get run nowadays. As a result, live streaming events should be considered a priority when organising. If you are thinking of live streaming your event in London or around the UK, get in touch today.

Live Streaming Production Costs

Includes director with live streaming equipment, camera operator with three PTZ cameras, simple audio and communications

Starting from £2275

Covers a 10 hour day, excludes VAT, data, travel and other transmission costs

  • Travel charged at £0.45/mile from our base in London, parking & emission zone costs not included
  • Data charged at £6/Gigabyte over cellular (Ethernet connections excluded)
  • International routing costs start at £10/minute

Do you need to take it up to another level?

Joined with our Dejero or LiveU hardware, we can deploy a broadcast-quality multi-camera studio anywhere.

In addition, we provide a mobile control room, vision mixer and uplink station without needing an OB truck. We can do this by broadcasting using IP video to transmit live to anywhere in the world. As a result, for live event broadcasting in 2022, the need for outside broadcast trucks is gone.

Our Dejero receiver based in Los Angeles, can receive your program and send it anywhere in the world via The Switch global fibre network. because of this, we can reach any broadcaster, at any station, anywhere.

We can also live stream events online to all major video portals. Including social media platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch and Twitter (Periscope). Similarly, for higher security, we can use enterprise content delivery networks like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Wowza and IBM cloud video.

Hugh Whitfeld broadcasting outside of Buckingham Palace
Hugh Whitfeld broadcasting outside of Buckingham Palace via Dejero

Does your video conference need some more life?

The global COVID-19 pandemic shows how essential remote video meeting services are. However, did you know that you don’t have to be just a talking head like everyone else for your contribution?

With our system, we can feed a program output into any video conference software as if it were your own camera. For instance, you can switch in graphics, multiple cameras, PowerPoint presentations and even other video callers into your broadcast. This takes your meeting contribution from being just a talking head, into a performance.

We can record and stream your video conference to all the social media channels. Because of this, your video call viewers receive a personal, and restricted feed, without them having to watch on Youtube or Facebook like everyone else.

If you’d like to know more about how we can make video conferencing amazing for you or your company, get in touch today.

Directing team Jon Shaikh and Donshades watching the live output of the Alexa Mini via video conference
Directing team Jon Shaikh and Donshades watching the live output of the Alexa Mini via video conference

Sports live streaming:

London Varsity Ice Challenge 2019

We were invited to test out the VIPER system for the annual London Ice Varsity Challenge. An annual Ice Hockey match between the Imperial Devils, and the UCL Yetis.

We ran a five-camera live outside broadcast, with four operated by experienced camera operators, and one static. In addition, we had full instant replays, real-time updated graphics, and three commentator positions.

With a crew of six, and presenting team of two, we broadcast the match direct to YouTube, giving it a worldwide audience. Importantly, we had talkback communications with all crew members and the commentators for any last-minute changes.

On-screen game clocks synchronised with the game clock, and graphics with rosters, scores and timings updated with the game. Because of this, viewers were able to be up to date with all the important game statistics.

Not only was the club able to fill the ice rink with crowds of supporters, but they were able to have thousands watch live online from anywhere with a mobile signal.

A brief highlight reel from the broadcast

Broadcast Feedback:

The club are extremely impressed with the live-stream service Nick provided for the London Ice Varsity 2019. We were excited by his vision and enthusiasm for the project from the beginning and enjoyed working with him throughout. The club has received a huge amount of positive feedback with regards to the professional standard of the stream. We’d like to extend our thanks to Nick for providing an excellent service.

Jesse Cross
Deputy President / A-Team Manager
Imperial Devils Ice Hockey Club 2018-19
An early version of the VIPER live event streaming & outside broadcast system, in use at the London Ice Varsity challenge in 2019
An early version of the VIPER outside broadcast system, in use at the London Ice Varsity challenge in 2019

Get in touch if you’d like to know more

In conclusion, if you’d like to live stream your event to the world, let us know. From a simple presentation to a multi-camera broadcast recording with various camera angles in front of a live audience. Our outside broadcasting services can help.

If you need live event streaming services in London or around the UK, get in touch today.