High-quality Remote Video Call Recording

Record your remote interviews professionally

A majority of remote interviews are now done through video conferencing software. Let’s record them in the highest quality.

Why have us record your interviews?

With the global pandemic still a major concern, being able to have a face to face interview has become harder than ever. A very large percentage of the population is now working from home. So, remote video call recording has become a challenge for large and small broadcasters alike.

Almost all broadcasters have switched to remote video interviews via video conferencing. That’s great for them, but what about those without broadcaster budgets? You can do it yourself with the huge amount of quality video call options out there.

The downside of high-quality conferencing solutions like SkypeZoom or Cisco Webex, is that many don’t allow you to easily record your calls in broadcast quality formats. With our software, we can record any guest, anywhere, on any device using conferencing software with an internet connection.

We make sure that your guest looks their best, and sets themselves in the best position possible in the right environment. After the call, we export isolated recordings of each guest on the virtual interview, along with a multi-view of all participants. We can do this in any format you choose and upload it anywhere, ready to use in your video editing suite of choice.

Our call recording service turns your laptop or home computer into a virtual recording studio. Allowing you to maintain eye contact with your guest, see their body language and react to it. So if you’re a broadcaster, a corporate hiring manager or an academic looking to record interviews, our solutions can help.

Try our virtual call recording for your next project.

Can I not just record a video call myself?

When shooting remote video interviews, some software lets you record. Others make it hard, and some need workarounds that are so complicated it’s easier to take a camera to their house no matter where they live.

You’d need to record the high-quality audio and video, and then convert that to a high-quality format afterwards for editing. For these tasks, you are going to need a very powerful machine, out of the reach of most home users.

Instead, we take care of everything. We gather the guests into your call, set up the links, speak to your participants, set up the shot so it’s looking its best and begin the remote recording. All you need is your own camera and your interview questions.

We offer a flat rate per hour of work too, so you can bash out a long list of interviewees, or keep it to one if budgets are tight.

So if you need remote video call interview recording for your show, podcast, job interview or for archival purposes, get in touch today.

A remote video call interview being conducted via our software, between two participants in two separate countries
A remote video call interview being conducted via our software, between two participants in two separate countries