A video podcast taking place with two guests in a studio, and one guest joining via Zoom, with lighting, cameras and audio present

Video Podcast Production Services

Update your podcast production with broadcast-quality video

Make your podcasts broadcast quality

In the competitive world of podcasting, having great content isn’t all you need to succeed. Producing high-quality videos of your content for social media is essential to driving subscribers to your content. With our high-definition video podcast production services, we can help you share your amazing content with the world.

Our custom-built video production equipment can record up to four cameras in full HD into broadcast-quality video files for you to edit at your leisure. Alternatively, we can edit your video podcast to publish where you please.

What’s more, we can come to you! Accordingly, we can record in your office, lounge room, or even outdoors!

It’s like our Livestreaming services, just without the broadcasting part, so you can edit yourselves to perfection later on.

Video Podcast Production Costs

Includes director with video recording equipment, a lighting camera operator with three PTZ cameras and audio operator with microphones

Starting from £2425

Covers a 10 hour day, excludes VAT

  • Travel charged at £0.45/mile from our base in London, parking & emission zone costs not included

Can one of your guests not make it?

No problem! We’re experienced at remote events, so this isn’t an issue. Even though your guest may be overseas, we can bring them in remotely using video conferencing technology you’re all familiar with (Zoom, Teams, Skype, WebEx, etc.).

Most importantly, your remote guest hears all the on-location hosts as if they were there themselves, and their video and audio are recorded in isolation, making your editing process super clean.

Best of all, with our monitor kits, we can bring them into the studio so your hosts can see them at all times and get their reactions.

Recording the podcast "Why I'm quitting Star Trek", with two hosts in studio and one remote
Recording the podcast “Why I’m quitting Star Trek” with two hosts in the studio and one remote

We’re broadcast video, lighting and audio professionals

Our broadcast professionals can handle podcast video production regardless of location, content, or situation.

Above all, they have decades of experience working for the world’s largest broadcast networks and production companies. For this reason, we only work with people we know can record your content in the highest quality possible.

As a starting point, we use remote-controlled “PTZ” (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras so that your team in the recording area aren’t distracted by our operators. As a result, your amazing content is all you have to worry about.

Audio operator monitoring a podcast recording
Audio operator monitoring a podcast recording

Case Study

“I Quit Star Trek – Valiant”

We offered our video podcast production services as a trial to Olivia and John, the hosts of “I Quit Star Trek.” Straightaway, they loved the idea of recording a video version of their long-running podcast.

However, whilst they’re in London, their regular guest, Andy, is based in Manchester. This wasn’t an issue for us, as we brought him in via Zoom for the recording.

During the broadcast, he was always visible on a set monitor, allowing the hosts to see his reactions in real time.

We recorded three remote PTZ cameras and the incoming Zoom video in full 1080p ProRes files for later editing, with clean, isolated video and audio.

The lighting, camera and audio setup of the "I Quit Star Trek" podcast episode, "Valiant"
The lighting, camera and audio setup of the “I Quit Star Trek” podcast episode, “Valiant”

Get in touch if you’d like to know more

Podcasting is here to stay, and promoting your show requires posting clips with video on social media. Our Video Podcast Production Services can help you do this easily. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.